AbhiX ROG Edition V13.0.8.0 Port for Redmi Note 10 Pro/Max (Sweet)

AbhiX ROG Edition V13.0.8.0


All Details for the ROM is Listed Below

MIUI VersionV13.0.8.0
Android Version12
Updated9 August 2022

Supported Devices:

  • Redmi Note 10 Pro
  • Redmi Note 10 Pro Max

MIUI Changelogs:

  1. Updated Version
  2. Updated Security Patch
  3. Increased System Security And Stability

Device Changelogs:

  1. Base updated to Eu
  2. Safety net passed by default
  3. Kernel updated to Quantum Kyuaru
  4. System is R/W
  5. Rom Decrypted by default
  6. Camera tint fixed for 64Mp users
  7. All Abhix stuff included
  8. Launcher with tons of customisation
  9. Used cn theme store, Security, appvault
  10. 90 fps by default in games
  11. Gphotos unlimited storage
  12. Monet in control centre
  13. Performance improved
  14. Scrolling Improved
  15. Locked Launcher in memory
  16. Better Internet speed by tweaking TCP's buffer size
  17. Various build.prop tweaks
  18. Many more forgot to add...


  1. Safetynet Passes By Default
  2. Tint Fixed For 64MP Users
  3. Quantum Kyaru Kernel By Default


  • BHLNK for Monet In CC
  • Sipollo For Launcher