MIUI CSX V13.0.8.0 Port for POCO F3/Redmi K40/Mi 11X (Alioth)

MIUI CSX V13.0.8.0


All Details for the ROM is Listed Below

MIUI VersionV13.0.8.0
Android Version12
Updated1 October 2022

Supported Devices:

  • POCO F3
  • Redmi K40
  • Mi 11X

MIUI Changelogs:

  1. Increased system stability

Device Changelogs:

  1. Basic Changes :
  2. -Adopted To Latest CSX UI
  3. Nuked Miui At A Glance
  4. Debloated Maximum
  5. Decrypted
  6. Updated And Modded Security App {Not Kanged , Samjhdar Ko Idhara Kaafi}
  7. Fixed Google Apps Installing While Setup
  8. Removed Google Dialer And Messegs
  9. Added Mi Dialer And Messeges
  10. CN Theme Manager Importing Themes Is Supported
  11. Fixed Gestures
  12. Shifts With RED-SPLASH-Perf+ Kernel
  13. Fixed Notification Delay
  14. Using Rapid Installer 2.0 Flashing takes Hardly 30ses
  15. Custom Wallpaper Section With Tons Of Wallpapers
  16. Custom bootanimation Theme And Ringtones
  17. Miui Home With Tons of Customization
  18. Fixed Bluetooth Rejects To Turn On
  19. Failed To Boot On Aliothin Users
  20. Fixed Camera For Alioth Users
  21. Fixed Theme Restores To Default
  22. Fixed Unable To Change Gboard Theme (Font Sar)
  23. Fixed safetynet On F3 And K40 As Well
  24. Fixed Verse Logo Not Adopting To Monet
  25. Note First Boot May Feel Like Stuck at Bootanimation Please Wait Boots In 30secs
  26. Gaming
  27. Enabled InGame Cross-Hair
  28. Enabled Game Macro
  29. Fixed Lags While Using Performance Mode
  30. Fixed Game Turbo Force Closes
  31. Fixed Navigation Bar Issue While Using Game Turbo
  32. Fixed screen Recorder Not Showing In Game Turbo
  33. Fixed Annoying Game Turbo Sound
  34. Battery
  35. Enabled Optimized charging
  36. Fixed Idle drain '
  37. Fixed Deepsleep
  38. Fixed Over Heating While Charging
  39. Fixed Heavy Battery Drain ( This Is Not So No Battery Draining Issues Or What S0 Ever)
  40. Security
  41. Removed Annoying 10SecS Popup Not Even 1Second Wait Time
  42. Fixed App Permissions
  43. Fixed Weird Game Turbo Issues
  44. CTS Fixed
  45. Safetynet Pass Out Of The Box
  46. Enabled Advanced Privacy Protection Lab
  47. Enabled Ability to Disable Every System App
  48. Customization
  49. Added Device Frame In SS
  50. Enabled Quick Replies
  51. Advanced Floating windows
  52. Front Camera Assistant
  53. Misc
  54. Added Support For High FPS In Supported Games
  55. Using Stock thermals But Fixed Brightness Drop Issue
  56. Fixed Lags Due to Monet Overlays
  57. Added Amoled Monet
  58. Fixed Dark Mode
  59. Fixed 120Hz Not Working Properly In All Apps
  60. Added Auto Refresh rate And Surround Sound in Video Tool box
  61. Enabled Incognito Mode
  62. Audio
  63. Improved Audio Quality
  64. Enabled Harman Kardon Audio Effects (woks With Earphone/Tws/Bluetooth and Speaker As well)
  65. Fixed Dolby
  66. Sounds Taken From Xperia 1 3
  67. Default Ringtone And UI Sounds Including Touch Sounds from Xperia
  68. Haptices
  69. Improved Haptics
  70. Camera
  71. Ulocked 4K 60Fps Recording
  72. Leica Interface
  73. Audio Zoom Fixed
  74. Super Moon Works Now
  75. Leica Vibrant And Natural Filters Works Now
  76. Kernel
  77. • Upstreamed To Linux v4.19.260 Tag
  78. • Merged CLO LA.UM.9.12.r1-14700-SMxx50 Tag
  79. • Fixed Warnings and Errors While Compiling
  80. • Remove RMNET_DFC wakelock
  81. • Fixed Cpu Input Boost
  82. • Improved DeepSleep To Ut Most level
  83. • Enabled USB Fast Charging
  84. • Switch To Simple MSM-thermal
  85. • Optimized For MIUI
  86. • BB Tweaks
  87. • Debloated Kernel A Bit
  88. • Simple LMK
  89. • Fixed Annoying Popup Incompatible Audio Accessory When Using Wired Earphones
  90. Many Under The Hood Changes!!!
  91. U Can Use As Daily Driver As well As Gaming Too
  92. Many Changes And Improvements Have Done Lazy To Write All Of Them...


  1. • Safety net pass without root
  2. First boot takes less than 30secs wait till it's done


  • @RKRafi For Helping Me With Most Of The Stuff
  • @Ninex_ConSciousX For The Kernel
  • @AshikX75 For All Those Fixes
  • ConSciousX Team
  • All who test and you