XiaomiEU V13.0.16.0 Port for Redmi Note 5/Pro (Whyred)

XiaomiEU V13.0.16.0


All Details for the ROM is Listed Below

MIUI VersionV13.0.16.0
Android Version12
Updated2 March 2023

Supported Devices:

  • Redmi Note 5
  • Redmi Note 5 Pro
  • Redmi Note 5 AI

MIUI Changelogs:

  1. Increase System Stability
  2. Latest Security Patch

Device Changelogs:

  1. •Repartitioned ROM, before flashing make sure you have done rom repartition procedure
  2. •January Security Patch
  3. •google enhanced keyboard
  4. •grouped notifications
  5. •monet v7.0
  6. •font pack added
  7. •ROM smooth
  8. •Extended volume panel
  9. •fast loading animation icon


  1. •It may happen that some users experience crashes after the first boot, this is normal, just take it easy and wait for the ROM caches to fill up the system
  2. •repartitioned ROM
  3. •I recommend using the ROM in f2fs, but do the procedure at your own risk
  4. •This will be my last port so I'm not covered for future updates, and I'm not changing devices I'm still going to stick with my legendary whyred


  • •@kashis_cringey_stuffs
  • •@geoorg30
  • •@MIUIMonet
  • •@NeFeroN
  • •@Whyred_404